Banking software - Suitable for :



Micro-finance institutions

Remittance companies

Open banking



Mobile network operators (MNO)

Non-financial companies

Cashlinq offers a digital banking platform. There’s no need for a huge initial CAPEX. You can go to market early with Cashlinq.

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Cashlinq is the platform of choice for:

Financial institutions

Cashlinq is used by banks to host mobile wallets and a variety of savings and current accounts. Financial institutions seeking to reduce licensing costs and boost transaction processing performance can benefit from this application.

Mobile network operators (MNO)

Through Cashlinq, MNOs can operate second-generation mobile wallets. Cashlinq was uniquely designed to provide significant value to clients.

Open banking

Established banks that are seeking a solution to capture more value and satisfy clients can do so through various fintech companies. Cashlinq enables these banks to start offering their own Banking as a Service (BaaS) platforms. These platforms provide direct access for fintech companies and other businesses through APIs. This approach creates a competitive advantage for banks in a market where novel fintech startups are constantly emerging.


Financial technology organizations (FinTech) transforming financial services through emerging technology in Lending, Wealth, Remittances, Payments, Savings etc.

Digital-only banks

Cashlinq is suitable for the new branch-less banks.

Non-financial companies

Non-financial companies such as hotels, insurers, airlines, retailers, etc., can leverage their connectivity and brand value through Cashlinq. Now, non-financial organizations can help customers manage their finances or encourage better consumption of their services through various offerings, such as a loyalty card.
Cashlinq mobile app

All the digital wallet features available

Send money to peers.

Make various bill payments

Access various Agent banking services.

Receive money from registered and unregistered users.

Request your payment (invoice)

Send and receive money with various remittance agents

Get detailed statement and analytics

Easy and fast QR code payments

Allows many African business cases such as contract farming, contract mining, travel and subsistence, financial project management etc

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Pricing Plans


Straight revenue share

  • Cashlinq gets a small percentage on transaction fees

Ownership and revenue share

  • This option is available on condition that we are satisfied with your business proposal.
  • Cashlinq gets a small percentage on ownership.
  • Cashlinq gets a small percentage on transaction fees.


  • This option is available on condition that we are satisfied with your business proposal.
  • Cashlinq gets a relatively small percentage on ownership.
Prices are in USD


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